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President’s Letter


Welcome to the 2009 League City Barracuda Swim Season! We have some great new changes this year. First as you can see, we have changed up our logo a bit, will offer on-line registration, extended our 8 and under practice time, have a great new merchandise line and are excited to welcome Ashley Johnson as our new head coach this year!  Although she is new to the Barracudas, she is no stranger to the CCSL and coaching. Ashley grew up swimming for the Seabrook Stingrays and went on to coach for them for 3 years and she was a swimmer for Clear Lake High School. After graduation from U of H she went back to her high school roots and is currently the assistant coach for the Falcons.   We feel that Ashley will definitely compliment our already great returning college coaches of Stefani, John, Aspen, Jeff and Jade and we know this group will inspire our swimmers with their enthusiasm and love for the sport of swimming.    We look forward to another great season of swimming and fun.


We are offering 3 ways to register this year: Mail in, walk in and on-line. With whatever option you choose, we hope that you will still come by registration on April 4th to meet Coach Ashley, pick up your t-shirt and handbook, purchase your swimsuit and check out our great new merchandise line. These items will be posted on our website soon.


            Mail In Registration:  Due by Friday April 3rd.  You can go to the Barracuda website http://www.lcbarracudas.org and print your registration form and volunteer contract.  Return it with your payment to our post office box. You can either come by registration to pick up your t-shirt and handbook or get them the first week of practice.


            Walk In Registration:  Saturday, April 4th, 12:00-3:00pm, League City Recreation Center, next to pool.   


Online Registration:   Barracudas are going hi-tech!  Our first ever online registration will begin on Wednesday, March 4th and continue through Sunday night at midnight, March 29th.  There will be a small fee for this convenience that will be added to your registration fees ($4.00 per swimmer registered).




Swim Suit Sales: We have new swimsuits this year that will be on sale at registration April 4th.  Our new suits will have the Barracuda Logo on them and will have to be ordered.  A limited amount will be available on April 4th.


            First Day of Practice:  Monday, April 27th, League City Pool

                        4:00-5:00pm:  8 & Under Practice

                        5:00-6:00pm:  9-12 years Practice

                        6:00-7:00pm:  13&up Practice


            Parent Meeting: Tuesday, May 12th at 5:30 PM in the League City Recreation Center.


Our registration fees will remain the same as last year of $ 125.00. All high school and US swimmers are $75 with a maximum family fee of $300.  All swimmers registering after Monday, April 27th will be assessed a $25 late fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  No refunds after May 1, 2009.


Age Requirements: All new swimmers must be at least six (6) years of age, as of May 1, and be able to swim the required 25 yards. We will be accepting five (5) year old siblings of any returning Barracuda families. Proof of age will be required for new swimmers.  


Tryouts:  All new swimmers will have tryouts with the date and time TBD.  Please check the website for that information.


Sponsorships: We are looking for any and all sponsors.  We will have a Barracuda Spirit Banner that will hang at all of our meets, home and away to recognize our wonderful sponsors. Keeping with the Olympic theme, we are offering three levels of sponsors:


Gold Level:      $250.00 and above

Silver Level:    $100.00 - $250.00

Bronze Level:  $ 25.00 - $100.00


This can be your business or your family name that is printed on the banner.  It is just another way for you to show your Barracuda Pride!


As we approach the season please keep checking the website as this is our communication to you.


I look forward to serving you as president again this year and making this a great swimming experience for the children.  Our goal as a board is to insure that your swimmer improves their skills while having fun and enjoying the Barracuda spirit and traditions.


If you have any questions, please fell free to contact any board member or send an e-mail or contact me at 281-334-5914.




Laurie Hembree


Email: lhembree@comcast.net




The League City Barracuda Swim Team is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, with a mission to field and support a competitive summer swim team.  Our goal is to provide a quality program for the promotion, growth, training, enjoyment, good sportsmanship, and participation of children and youth in the sport of swimming.


The management of the team is vested in the Board of Directors and its officers.  In August, the Board begins planning for the next swim season.  Board members meet regularly to represent the team to the Clear Creek Swim League, manage the budget, evaluate and hire coaches, arrange for the pool and related facilities, procure and inventory equipment, coordinate registration, schedule practices, and manage ordinary business and administrative functions of the team.


The intent of this handbook is to inform swimmers and parents of general information about the team and the season, as well as our relationship with Clear Creek Swim League and our expectations in regard to safety, conduct and participation. Familiarity with the information herein will make the family’s participation more enjoyable.


This handbook does not include Clear Creek Swim League rules and regulations, rules for intra-league competition, technical rules for properly executing strokes, cut-off times (Reserve & Champ), or league records. This information is available in the current Clear Creek Swim League Handbook, which will be sold at home and away meets as well as practices.


Beginning in late April, coaches will hold daily practice after school to improve stroke technique and build endurance needed for competition. These practice sessions are broken down into appropriate age groups. As soon as CCISD schools are dismissed for the summer, practice will switch to mornings. The first of five (5) regular season meets will begin in May. The regular season should last until the end of June. Post-season meets for those swimmers that meet or exceed cut-off time standards will be held following the regular season.  These meets should end in June or the first part of July.


A copy of this handbook, as well as other useful information, may be accessed on the team website www.lcbarracudas.org. 







Board of Directors


The names, addresses and telephones number of the 2009 League City Swim Team Board of Directors are provided below. If you would like to volunteer in any way, please contact any board member below.


Laurie Hembree (President)


281-989-5739 cell


Teresa Otten (Vice President)

713-906-7938 cell   



Diane White (Secretary)




Steve Glenn (Treasurer)


713-480-2593 cell


 Julie Hall



Fred & Sherry Bogar





Rod Dunklee


713-412-1272 (cell)



Cori Kerr




Jana Reed








The safety and well being of your child is of the utmost concern to us. The following guidelines have been set to help ensure their safety. Please discuss these rules with your children so that everyone understands what is expected.


Swimmers 8 & Under:


1.    Children may not be dropped off and left alone at the pool.

2.    If you cannot be with your children, please make arrangements with another parent or guardian (at least 15 years old) to look after them during a practice or meet. Swimming is different from most team sports in that there are many more children than coaches. Please know where your child is at all times including when in the water.


All Swimmers:


1.   If dropped off, go immediately inside the fence to the pool area. All children must stay in the fenced pool area during practice.

2.    Do not climb on the lifeguard stands. League City pool rules must be observed at all times. Remember - there is no lifeguard on duty.

3.    All trash must be picked up after practices and home meets. The City will be charging the team for clean-up if this is not done.

4.    A swimmer should inform one of the coaches if he/she leaves the pool to go to the restroom or must leave practice early. Only restrooms at the pool are to be used.

5.    Swimmers must not enter the pool before their scheduled practice time and should get out as soon as their age group is released unless given prior permission by the head coach to start early or remain late.

6.    Swimmers are not allowed in the Civic Center when wet. This is a city rule!

7.    Please be prompt in picking up your swimmer. For their safety, you must come inside the fenced pool area to get them. This brief visit also helps parents keep up with team information.

8.    No team members are allowed in the baby pool at any time.

9.    During a meet, no one is allowed in any part of the competition pool unless they are participating in an event. This includes dangling feet in areas not used for competition.

10. No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are allowed at practices or meets.




The fees for team membership are:


First & Second Swimmer                                        $125.00 each

High School & Active USS Swimmers                 $  75.00 each


The maximum fee is $300.00 per family. (Three or more swimmers)


A late registration fee of $25.00 is charged for each swimmer whose fees are not paid by the first day of practice.


No swimmer with unpaid registration fees may practice or swim in a meet. Only swimmers having paid their fee will be added to the official team roster. This roster is an official League document. League rules prohibit entrants not on a team roster.





All new swimmers must tryout for the team. Tryouts for new swimmers will be on Monday, April 27th.  In order to join, a swimmer must be able to safely swim 25 meters unassisted without stopping. The swimmers ability will be judged solely by the coaching staff and/or team board.




A swimmer's age for purposes of competition is his age on May 1. A swimmer does not change age groups during the season. A swimmer must be six years old as of May 1 in order to register.  (However we will accept 5 year old siblings of any returning Barracuda family.)  Birth certificates will be required of all new swimmers.




Refunds will be made through the first week of practice. After that, no refunds will be paid.




All Barracuda swimmers will receive a team T-shirt. Additional team shirts may be available for purchase.




An informative meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 12th at 5:30 PM in the League City Recreation Center. We encourage all new parents/guardians as well as returning parents to attend.  We will also have Barracuda merchandise there to sell.




The team has chosen competition swimsuits, which may be worn to practices and meets. These particular suits are NOT required; but they do conform to swimming rules, look great and provide less drag than commercial suits. While the team suit is optional, the team requires girls to wear one-piece swimsuits suitable for competition to all practices and meets. Swimsuits will be available for purchase on April 4th (registration day) and        .




At all swim meets, caps & goggles will be available for sale. Only LCST swim caps may be worn during swim meets. 


This year we have a fun new line of Barracuda merchandise for sale so be sure to check under the Barracuda tent in the Cuda Corner for these items.




Arrangements have been made for individual pictures to be taken on___________ . The team picture will be taken on .  All Barracudas should wear their team suits and T-shirts to practice both these day for the pictures. Although the team takes no financial interest, we certainly want everyone in the picture. Please look for more information regarding photos in Barracuda Bites.




An annual Barracuda Banquet will be scheduled with dinner followed by presentation of awards. Tickets for the catered banquet will go on sale during the season. Please watch for the announcement and information regarding the banquet in the Barracuda Bulletin.




Every week a newsletter will be distributed on Tuesdays. This is your information link to the team. We will have information about upcoming events and information about meets. Newsletters will also be posted on our website at www.lcbarracudas.org.



All practices are held at the League City pool. Practice is from Monday through Friday. Practice times are listed in the following table.



Age Group

Practice Time

April 27 - June 5

8 & Under

4:00 - 5:00 PM



5:00 – 6:00 PM



6:00 – 7:00 PM

June 8 – June 26

8& Under

9:30 – 10:30 AM



8:30 – 9:30 AM



7:30 – 8:30 AM




If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to a board member. The coaches are responsible for a large number of kids at practices and meets and will not be able to provide the assistance you need. If it is a coaching issue, the board will go to the appropriate coach for your answers.




Swimmers will benefit greatly by regular attendance at practice sessions. At practices, they receive instruction in the competitive strokes and are given an opportunity to build physical endurance. Swimmers also can keep up with the latest news as information is distributed at practices.

Swim team members are NEVER allowed in the baby pool. If small siblings are in the baby pool, an adult must be in immediate attendance. No Barracudas are allowed in the pool unless they are participating in practice. No unattended children are allowed at any practice or swim meet. 





Swimmers must maintain good self-discipline. During practices or meets, if a swimmer misbehaves excessively, a coach and/or board member will contact the swimmer's parents. If the swimmer's behavior does not improve, he/she will be dropped from the team. Under this circumstance, registration fees will not be refunded. This is entirely at the discretion of the board and/or coaches.









May 16

Deer Park


May 30

Harbour Tide


June 6



June 13



June 20







Last Chance








It is mandatory that you notify the head coach in writing, dropped off in the Red Box, by the Monday preceding any meet your child is going to miss. Individual and relay entries are developed for the coming Saturday meet on Tuesday. Entries are generally posted at the pool by Thursday. Failure to notify the coach may result in consequences set forth under the Entries section.




All swimmers should arrive at the meet pool by the designated time for check-in and warm-ups. Late arrivals can lose their place in an event. You must have your swimmer check-in with a coach and a parent needs to check-in at the Barracuda tent.




It is imperative that a coach and the clerk of course be notified of any early departure. Please remember that if your child swims on a relay, his/her absence will affect 3 other swimmers. Please don’t leave 3 other teammates, who may have waited hours to swim, hanging.

Also remember, sometimes your child may be placed in an individual or relay event as a replacement swimmer during the meet – or may have forgotten that they are swimming in the last relay. Please check with the Clerk of Course before actually leaving.




During meets, swimmers should stay near the team in the designated Barracuda area if one is provided. They will be notified when it is time for them to report to the ready area for an event. When swimmers arrive at the ready area, they are given their entry cards from the Ready Area person. Swimmers will then be assisted in getting in their appropriate heats. Ultimately, it is the swimmer's responsibility to be in the ready area at the appropriate time or they could be scratched from the event and possibly the meet.




During swim meets, any questions or complaints about actions of the officials or the opposing team must be directed to the League City Team Representative, who will relay the question or complaint to the Referee. CCSL rules prohibit parents or swimmers from approaching Judges and/or the Referee directly, only an official league representative may do so. Disregarding this rule could cause the team to incur sanctions or prompt your removal from the competition. Refer to the disqualification section for further explanation. Please represent yourself, your swimmer and the team well by being courteous and respectful of officials as well as all other meet volunteers




At meets, swimmers compete against other swimmers of the same sex, age group, and general ability. There are six age groups: 6 and Under; 8 and Under, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14, and 15 - 18. A meet includes competition in seven event types. There are five individual events: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and Individual Medley. There are two relays: Freestyle Relay and Medley Relay. Each age group participates in each event type except those swimmers under age 9 do not swim Individual Medley and those swimmers age 6 only swim Freestyle, Backstroke and Freestyle Relay.


As swimmers in Division I, Barracudas under age 15 are limited by CCSL rules to four events per meet. These could include two individual events and two relays or three individual events and one relay. Swimmers age 15 and older are allowed five events.




While a swimmer may be entered in a maximum of four or five events per regular season meet depending on age, the Coach may not be able to enter all swimmers in four events. An entry list, which identifies the events each swimmer is entered in, will be posted by Thursday. Any swimmer not swimming in a meet must notify the coach in writing by Monday preceding the meet. Failure to follow this rule may result in the swimmer not participating in a relay at the next meet. Due to team size and time constraints at other pools, we may have to limit the number of swimmers that we may bring. We will do everything possible to ensure that every child will have a chance to swim in the maximum events at home meets.




All swimmers are awarded ribbons in all heats in regular season meets except for disqualifications which will depend on the home team that awards the ribbons. The event and time will be recorded on the back of the ribbon. The ribbons will be distributed at a scheduled time during a practice session the week after the meet. Have a special place to show off your ribbons!!




Swimmers are judged according to the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations for competition with the following exception. One false start is allowed before disqualification. Unfortunately, swimmers are sometimes disqualified during a race, usually for executing a start, stroke, turn or finish illegally. They may also be disqualified for early takeoff in relays. The starter, stroke and turn judges, and the referee may disqualify swimmers. It is important to remember that the meet referee has the ability to disqualify individual competitors for poor sportsmanship and conduct as well.

These officials are parent volunteers who have received specific CCSL training. Their purpose is to assure that no swimmer gains an unfair advantage over another swimmer. When time permits, an official will seek out the swimmer or their coach to explain the reason for disqualification. Do not, under any circumstances, approach any official regarding a disqualification. By CCSL rule, only an official league representative may do so. Disregarding this rule could cause the team to incur sanctions or prompt your removal from the competition.


As with any concern, please approach a board member for assistance. Please represent yourself, your swimmer and the team well by being courteous and respectful of officials as well as all other meet volunteers.




Swimmers should realize that they are competing against the clock as well as other swimmers in the water. Their goal should be to better their times at each meet. CCSL publishes a series of time standards for boys and girls by age groups that are used as a scale to gauge a swimmer's level of achievement in each event. They are, from slowest to fastest, reserve and champ times. These cut-off times are listed in the CCSL handbook, which is available for purchase at home meets and some practices.

Trying to reach the next level in a particular event can be very motivational to swimmers. Use the Personal Swim Record at the back of this handbook to track their times, so they can see how they are progressing. Learn to read the cut-off time charts with your swimmers. Note that the time standards in the CCSL handbook are in terms of yards and meters. The League City pool is a 25-meter pool. With the exceptions of Dickinson, League City and South Belt, all other pools used for CCSL competition are 25-yard pools.




The Clear Creek Swim League, Inc. (CCSL) is a non-profit organization formed in 1964 for the purpose of sponsoring competitive and developmental swimming events and activities which began in the Clear Creek area and has now expanded throughout the Bay Area.  The Barracudas are members of the CCSL and are governed by its rules and regulations.




There are currently 20 teams in the CCSL. These teams are divided into four divisions according to their size with Division I being the largest and Division 4 being the smallest.


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Deer Park

Clear Lake City


Clear Lake Forest


Nassau Bay



Harbour Tide

La Porte

Heritage Park

El Lago

League City



North Channel

Pine Brookwood


South Belt

Timber Cove





The CCSL board of directors performs the work of the league. They determine meet schedules, rules of competition, cut-off times and member team division assignments. CCSL obtains liability insurance for member teams, determines the league's budget and collects applicable fees from member teams. CCSL provides all ribbons, medals, clinics, etc. used by member teams. During the season, designated CCSL board members maintain each division's official team rosters and notify other teams of changes. These rosters determine whether or not swimmers are eligible to participate in particular meets. Finally, CCSL keeps official score sheets for each meet and maintains league swim records. CCSL’s website is www.ccslswim.org.




One of the most important CCSL actions is the publication of the CCSL Handbook. The handbook includes the rules that govern the conduct of meets, the order of events at the meets, the reserve and championship cut-off times, proper stroke execution rules, CCSL record-setting swims and much more. You may purchase a handbook at meets under the Barracuda tent.




Each competing CCSL team participates in five regular season meets. These meets match two teams in the same division and one intra league meet. Following the regular season, a Champs League Meet is held. Typically held the end of June or early July, this meet consists of three separate sessions: the Novice Meet, the Reserve Meet and the Championship Meet.  Eligibility for the Reserve and Championship Meets are earned by achieving the cut-off times published in the CCSL Handbook in one or more strokes.  Entry fees will be charged for these meets per events that are swam.




This meet is designed to allow swimmers who are close to achieving a cut-off time for the reserve or champ meet one "Last Chance" following the completion of the regular season to make the time before the Reserve and Championship Meet.




Because there are so many jobs to be done, parent participation is mandatory at a swim meet. The Barracudas must furnish more than 75 workers for each away meet and at least 125 workers for each home meet. Every family is asked to volunteer at least 3 times during the swim season.  The volunteer contract must be signed by a parent, acknowledging this commitment to the team.  The volunteer coordinator will remind you of your shift prior to the swim meet through a telephone call or email.  You must check in with the volunteer coordinator prior to the start of each swim meet.  If you fail to show up for your designated shift, your child will not be allowed to swim in the next swim meet.


Positions, which must be filled at a swim meet, are briefly described below. These positions are divided into three groups, depending on the amount of training or experience that is needed.




Parents of new swimmers are encouraged to sign up for these jobs. Each job is important and can be very enjoyable. There is a job for everyone out there!


SET UP AND TEAR DOWN WORKERS set up equipment before meets and pack equipment after meets (both home and away). They also coordinate clean up of the League City pool area after home meets. (All Team members and parents are asked to help clean up after a home meet.)


CONCESSION STAND WORKERS set up the concession stand, deliver cold drinks to officials and workers during the meet, work a shift in the concession stand at home meets, and clean the refreshment area following home meets.


RUNNERS collect entry cards and disqualification slips from timers and deliver them to the head scorer. Runners help ready area workers take eight & under swimmers and cards to timers, and help place relay swimmers in their proper lane.


TIMERS time swimmers using digital stop watches and record the time on the swimmer’s entry card. There are three timers per lane.


SCORERS enter swimmers’ official times, disqualifications, and scratches in the meet management computer. They validate record performances, calculate team scores and post official heat results.


RIBBONS receive entry cards and heat result labels from the scorers and prepare ribbons that include a swimmer’s name, event, time and finish place.


READY AREA WORKERS help arrange, organize and prepare children for races.


BANQUET TEAM MEMBERS will organize and arrange the awards banquet.


BARRACUDA MERCHANDISE TEAM MEMBERS will be responsible for selling Barracuda items one day a week at practice and at swim meets.


MEET VOLUNTEER COORDINATION TEAM coordinates the staffing and schedule of all volunteers necessary for swim meets.


STROKE CLINIC COORDINATOR promotes, schedules and coordinates participation in special small group clinics to improve stroke technique.


T-SHIRT COORDINATOR distributes team t-shirts.


FUN FRIDAY TEAM MEMBERS will organize special treats for the Friday swim practices.


RIBBON DISTRIBUTION TEAM MEMBERS distribute ribbons during practices the week after the meet.


CHAMP SERIES SIGNUP TEAM MEMBERS will assist swimmers in filling out entry forms and making payments to enter the champ series meets.


HEAD TIMER coordinates the timers from both teams and the runners. The head timer also starts two extra stopwatches that are used by timers who miss the start or have difficulty with their watches.


HEAD RIBBON PERSON coordinates ribbon writing for home meets.


HEAD SCORER coordinates data entry, validates records with referee, resolves questions regarding DQs, validates scoring and certifies official meet results.


ANNOUNCER calls swimmers to the ready area by event, and makes announcements of general interest.




The CCSL provides clinics in the spring to train parents to fill these positions. They require a rather complete understanding of competitive swimming.


TEAM CLERK OF COURSE handles changes to meet entry cards, entry lists, and heat assignments resulting from scratches and substitutions. The Clerk of Course also determines the legality of swimmer entries for both teams, and helps distribute entry cards to swimmers.


STROKE AND TURN JUDGES judge the technical form of strokes and turns according to League rules and disqualify swimmers for violations.


STARTER calls swimmers to the starting block, starts each heat, and handles disqualifications on starts. The Starter can also work as a Stroke and Turn Judge at the direction of the Referee. Starter positions require prior certification and experience as a Stroke and Turn Judge.


REFEREE is the senior official at a meet and has full and final authority in all decisions and rule interpretations. Referee positions require prior certification and experience as a Stroke and Turn Judge and Starter.




Note: AIl training clinics are free. The League conducts clinics to teach and explain competitive rules of swimming for officials, clerks of course. Most have no prerequisites, but prospective starters and referees must attend stroke and turn clinics the year prior to the starter/referee clinic. Our team needs as many qualified officials, clerks as we can get. Please go to the CCSL website at www.ccslswim.org for class dates and locations. These clinics are an excellent way to significantly increase your knowledge of competitive swimming.

The Barracudas are bound with Cabbage Power and we give our swimmers cabbage before every meet. The story behind the cabbage is found below:


The Legend of the Cabbage


Once Upon a time, in the far away land of League City, there swam some very excited and energetic Barracudas.  They would practice every day, trying to get reserve and champ times and win the most points they could for their team.  Across from their pool, there was an old farmer, who planted all sorts of lettuces, but most of all cabbage.  He planted so much cabbage that he could not pick them all and the cabbage began to rot and smell.  As the little Barracudas were practicing day in and day out, they began to smell the strong odor coming from the farmer’s field, and they began to swim faster and take fewer breaths, desperately trying not to smell the cabbage.  Soon, the Barracudas realized that the cabbage smell had helped them become very speedy swimmers and win many championships.  To this day, all Barracudas remember how “cabbage power” helped them to become the fastest swimmers in the land.


Some of our favorite cabbage cheers:

DUNK-A-HEAD                                                          UH UNGOWA

Dunk-a-head, dunk-a-head                                                          Uh, ungowa, we got that cabbage power

Black and red                                                                             <repeated many times with a dance>

Dunk-a-head, dunk-a-head

Cabbage fed.



We, we rock! Barracudas rock the block!   

We, we rule! Barracudas rule the pool!

We rock the block and rule the pool.

We’re the team that’s really cool!

C to the A to the double B – A – G – E, G-E.

C to the A to the double B – A – G – E, G-E.

What do we got that’s round and green?

<Coaches> CABBAGE

<kids> POWER

<Coaches> CABBAGE

<kids> POWER

<Coaches> Cabbage what?


We got that cabbage power!






Champ Meet

Inside Meet – 4  Towels

Outside Meet – 2 Towels



4 Towels



(Bring extra pairs)


Regular Cards

Clothes suitable for whether you are inside (could be cold due to A/C) or outside


Goggle Case



One Blanket per person

Sharpie Marker


2 Books

Jacket / Hoodie


Diet Cokes


Sweat pants

Swim Cap


1 pencil


Barracuda Shirt

Granola bars

1 Pen

Books to read

Flip Flops

Breakfast food



Hair brush

Trash bag



Ponytail holders

Plates & napkins











Small pillow












Spray bottle w/ water

(It gets HOT!!)




Spray bottle with Conditioner








Towel Clips




Sun Screen




Bug Spray






























*** Swim meets usually last 5-6 hours.  Concession stands are available.  Drink water, Gatorade, or Powerade (Energy drinks are not recommended as they typically can make you sick in the heat).                        


 *** 10 x 10 canopy tent - You need shade....and sun screen. Keep an eye on the Academy paper. They usually have it in their advertisements for $50 - $75. Other sizes are available.  You can find them at other stores as well.




Personal Swim Record 2009